Directory with words, expressions, actions that it has to be necessary for a suitable communication with people with hearing impairments in 3 different work environments.
Different studies that it will be done in this IO will achieve to have a directory when it will be collected and systematized the different words, expression or actions that they are used in usual work environments in 3 different sectors. In this case, it has been studied the current necessities of communication of people with hearing impairment in that context but it will be added possible new future problems.

We are including 3 different sectors to check their utility and extension, because the main idea is to have this dictionary for the most different sectors as possible, suppressing the communication barrier that people with hearing impairment currently have; those sectors are one behalf traditional sectors (which are usually less actives in the removal of barriers to disability), in this case it is furniture, another one in expansion as cooking in a restaurant kitchen and another one service sector where the contact with the costumers are constant and indispensable like tourism (hotel reception, museums, tourist guides…).

The output aim was to make a list of 150 words per field, but in order to achieve these results, different activities have been carried out:

1) Design of the Methodology and Identificaton of the work situations to be studied

2) Observation of the work situation in several selected companies  in Italy, Spain, Germany and Hungary: creation of a first draft of words list.

3) Interviews to people with and without hearing impariments to receive feedback about the draft list.

4) Mock conversation: a role playing activity aimed to receive more feedback about the word list.

5) Creation o the final list of 150 word per sector.

The final words lists and the reports that describe all those mentioned activities are available at the following links:

Transnationales Trreffen in Budapest

Transnationales Trreffen in Budapest

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Mehr als 40 Unternehmen untersucht!

Mehr als 40 Unternehmen untersucht!

Ein tolles Ergebnis für das SWING-Projektteam. Mehr als 40 Unternehmen wurden untersucht, um die 150 Wörter zu sammeln, die für die Entwicklung des Video-Wörterbuchs in Gebärdensprache notwendig sind. Die Unternehmen gehören zu 3 Hauptarbeitsumgebungen, bezogen auf:...



Am Dienstag und Mittwoch, den 28. und 29. Dezember, organisierten Ceipes und Federsid das Kick off Meeting, das den Beginn eines neuen spannenden Erasmus-Plus-Projekts, KA2, Kooperation für Innovation und Austausch von besten Praktiken, einläutete. "Swing" (so der...

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