The Italian Federation of Social Disability – Federsid is a not-for-profit Association, born from 4 Associations as well as protagonists in the social sphere: UNIAMOCI ONLUS, H.R.Y.O. Human Rights Youth Organization, and Porte Aperte and the association CEIPES – International Center for Promotion
Education and Development. These realities created this federation following an already strong partnership over time realized through the development of several projects.
Each of the founders actually has been active for several years in both the locally and internationally through the development of several projects funded by national and international bodies.

Federsid aims to promote, support and implement measures to counter the social problems and assist the disadvantaged people, with particular reference to immigrants, children, the elderly, drug addicts, victims of violence and disabilities, and their families, promoting people’s wellness, growth and inclusion
To this end, in particular, it pursues the aim of:
– Promoting positive action in the social promotion and culture in the area where he does his work.
– Conducting training and non-formal learning, aimed at improving the local environment by improving skills and care workers skills.
– Carrying out activities aimed to young adults with disabilities integration and social inclusion, through organization of trips and periodic recreational moments.
– Creation of integrated services for prevention, recreation, education for people with disabilities.
– Creation of non-formal mobility and learning opportunities in multicultural contexts for young people, young people with disabilities, and volunteers.
– Stimulation of exercises of active citizenship by young people with disabilities and volunteers belonging to the Association through
support in the development of youth initiatives and their direct involvement in social sensitization activities.



Country : Italy
Address : Via G. La Farina, 21 – 90141 Palermo, Italia
Contact person : Laura Granvillano
Telephone : +39 091 7848236
Email : info@federsid.org
Web : www.federsid.org


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