Our introduction, our motto: Chance in life chance in work
Let me know to introduce our organisation running in Hungary, Budapest.
Munkakör Foundation for hearing people has been created in 2004.
Our mission to deal with jobseeking for disabled and deaf, hearing impaired people employing them in integrated way in the public labour market taking steps to accept them in mayor society connected with rrehabilitation employment,, provide them personal and online consultation, supplying to phisical-, and infocommunication accessibility, trainings co-operate with disabled colleagues.
First steps
It didn’t happen so „let’s make a foundation” there was a young hearing injured man taking part in a jobseeking course at University, this training was held by Agnes Szigetvari Mrs. Soós PHd the professional leader of our foundation.
It seemed that the boy is always following her and trying to be near to her during she has spoken.
Later it came up that this boy is hearing impaired, taught software development, and hehas been looking for a job since one year unsuccessfully.
Agnes helped him to find a job.
The most hearing impaired and deaf people have the ambition and motivation to show the world: they want to work and they are able to work.
It is true they need some help to find a job.
Our foundation try to give this help since 15 years.
As this boy, the others who turn to us give a chance to find a job and create a better livingstandard for themselves.

What is our activity?
Our main target to prepare the hearing injured people to work.
The well-prepared hearing impaired employee in proper job make such a good job like the other hearing colleagues.
This moral and finishing a job in an integrated environment brings advantages for both parties: creasing the self-estimate and self-confidence for deaf person, the other colleagues become more sensitive and acceptable.
Our foundation is a „bridge” between two parties, buti t is not always simple to go through this bridge.
There are two problames which we have to face day by day: At first there is no special sign-language or writing-translated training for hearing injured people, that’s why they apply for a job such skills which has no enquire on labour market.
On the other hand, they are not able to communicate with the mayor society. the lack of using of sign-language, they are not clear with the rules of hungarian language, they cannot understand the sounding speech, so they don’t understand the tasks.
We give advice for 400 people helping for 150 clients to replacing the world in job.
They can try themselves within our programmes not only by their education but their skills.

Our Other Partners
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