Simulating communication scenarios is a helpful way to gain an initial understanding of the practical use of sign language. By practising different conversational situations, you can improve your language competence and develop your communication skills.  

For each sector, you will find a respective e-course with typical situations. They are available with different language options: 

    • Written English / International Sign 
    • Written German / German Sign Language (DGS) 
    • Written German / Austrian Sign Language (OEGS) 
    • Written Italian / Italian Sign Language (LIS) 
    • Written Spanish / Spanish Sign Language (LSE) 

In order to start an e-course, click on the button “START”. After more information on the project partners, you will have the opportunity to revise the vocabulary items necessary for this sector. Click on the button “Video” under each picture to play the respective video.   

Six exercises will follow. Click onto the screenshots to watch the videos and answer the questions. Most of the exercises work with drag-and-drop, but you will to answer some by using a drop-down menu or clicking on a button. After you have submitted your answer, you will get a feedback: if your choice was correct, you will be automatically sent to the next exercise, else you can try the exercise again or move on to the next one. Please note that all choices within an exercise need to be correct.  

Although the navigation within the courses is free, we recommend to follow the proposed order and to use the navigation buttons. 

Civil Servant sector 

Health Staff sector 

Sales People sector 

Tour Guide sector 

Waiters sector 

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