At the end of 32 months of work, the SWING – Signs for Work INclusion Gain (2017-1-IT01-KA202-006157) project, funded under the Erasmus+ KA2 programme, innovation and exchange of good practices in the field of VET, reach its conclusion.

The project ends by presenting and disseminating its final results, the fruit of an intense research and cooperation. The aim of the project was the creation of a video dictionary in four different sign languages (Italian, German, Spanish and Hungarian) with 150 words in three different work field: furniture, kitchen and tourism.

Each partner organized a Multiplier Event in his own country. In order to disseminate and present all the project’s final results.

The German SWING multiplier event took place on 4 March 2020 as part of an OER bar camp organised by ILI and EPALE Germany and funded by the German National Agency (BiBB).

SWING was presented both at its own stand as part of a project market and in a separate session. The project was very well received. The highly interested audience consisted of 20 stakeholders mainly from the education sector. The project received a very positive feedback. Praise was given for the scientific approach to determine the most relevant words for the target groups in each professional field, as well as for the excellent video dictionaries and the training apps. So much positive feedback motivates to continue the project in the future!

The results were presented in Italy on June 26, 2020, during an event organized by FEDERSID, with the collaboration of CEIPES.

The event was aimed at deaf and hard of hearing workers, managers, trainers or students of professional training in the tourism, furniture and culinary sector, the three areas of the sign language video dictionary.
The entire event was interpreted by the LIS (Italian Sign Language) interpreter Antonio Ingrassia, who collaborated with FEDERSID and CEIPES throughout the duration of the project for the recording of the videos that make up the structure of the video dictionary.

The event was moderated by Fulvio Grassadonio from CEIPES.

On June 29, 2020, Munka-Kör Alapítván presented the final results of the SWING Project, the web platform containing the video dictionary and the mobile applications based on it on an unusual event. According to the common opinion of twenty-one participants: hearing impaired and hearing people, students, teachers, employees and employers, we presented useful products supported by the Zoom software.
In the presentation we presented the project, the German, Italian and Spanish partner organizations, the presenter who is hearing impaired, we talked how the list of words and phrases that are the basis of the application has been prepared, the experience and new knowledge gained during the interviews. We then showed a few clips from the moments of making the video dictionary.

On the 30th of June 2020, the Spanish partner CETEM organised its Multiplier Event. This local event was planned to be conducted in CETEM´s headquarters in Yecla (Spain) but the local, national and European recommendations about the community events for large groups of people during the COVID-19 pandemic have caused that Spanish Event has been changed for an online event to reduce the risk of disease transmission.

In spite of that, Multiplier Event was a full success, because CETEM has an important presence in different sectors and for that they have important contacts with different stakeholders, due of this, it was invited policy makers, employers, VET teachers, current and future students and current professionals. Most of them were present at the seminar, in total it could be considered the permanent presence of 43 participants during the whole seminar (with moments of more than 50 viewers), some of them were furniture/tourism/culinary professionals with hearing problems, for that, the entire multiplier event was interpreted to Spanish Sign language (LSE) by Lidia Rubio Rodriguez who has been involved in the recording of the Spanish sign language videos and in the initial interviews with people with hearing problems.

Among the stimulating reflections proposed by the event’s guests, it is important to refer to a concept that is strictly connected to the main aim of the SWING project, that is the possibility of creating a network using tools that are truly useful and interconnected with the territory.
This is the case of SWING, with its video dictionary, want to give to anyone the possibility to use it as an easy, useful and immediate tool.

We felt that the feedback from the participants was more than enthusiastic and it is therefore an opportunity for the partnership to have feedback again on the results of the project and on these products, which we hope could be a turning point in the world of work and professional training.
Anyone can use the platform for free and download the application on their mobile devices.

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