In May, the headquarters of the National Deaf Association in Palermo hosted the event “Sign Languages for Workplace Inclusion,” organized by CEIPES in the field of SWING 2.0 Project.

Building on the success of the previous SWING project, the aim of SWING 2.0 is to promote the integration of the deaf community in various work environments through innovative and freely available tools for learning and using basic sign language.

During the event, participants had the opportunity to explore the main outcomes of the SWING 2.0 project and engage in hands-on experiences. Among the notable educational products developed throughout the project’s lifespan were a video dictionary consisting of 5,000 videos in five sign languages and four spoken languages. This comprehensive resource enables users to access linguistic information in an inclusive manner, bridging communication gaps between deaf and hearing individuals. The video dictionary can be found here.

Additionally, an innovative training course was presented, offering practical activities to learn five sign languages within the context of five distinct workplaces. The course materials and exercises are available here and here.

To further enhance accessibility, SWING 2.0 also introduced two mobile applications designed specifically for smartphones. These applications aim to facilitate sign language learning and communication in everyday work scenarios.

The event brought together a diverse range of participants, including individuals with hearing impairments, Italian Sign Language interpreters, and professionals from five different sectors: tour guides, salespeople, civil servants, healthcare workers, and waiters. The gathering sparked an insightful discussion on the significance of workplace inclusion for deaf individuals and explored practical strategies to improve communication between deaf individuals and professionals.

The event attracted several organizations active in the field of sensory disabilities in Sicily, underscoring the local commitment to fostering inclusivity and equal opportunities. By highlighting the importance of sign languages for workplace integration and providing innovative tools for learning and communication, the event proved to be a success. It showcased the transformative power of inclusive practices and reinforced the commitment to creating a more inclusive and accessible society for the deaf community.

For more information about the project, please visit the social media channels on FacebookTwitter and LinkedIn.

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