Partners from Italy, Spain, Germany, and Austria gathered in Palermo on 16-17 May, hosted by CEIPES, to finalize the SWING 2.0 project. SWING 2.0 aims to facilitate work inclusion and integration through innovative tools. The meeting was filled with productive activities, including the discussion on how to improve the new SWING 2.0 platform.

This platform offers a range of user-friendly resources to enhance communication with deaf people in various work environments.

The consortium also presented the SWING 2.0 applications, available for both Android and IOS devices. These dynamic applications respond to different professional contexts and language needs. SWING 2.0 equips individuals across working sectors with the ability to communicate effectively with their deaf counterparts, fostering inclusivity and breaking down communication barriers.

During the meeting, the partners shared the outcomes of the pilot programs conducted in their respective countries. These pilots served as valuable testing grounds, providing real working contexts insights. The feedbacks received will inform the refinement of the SWING 2.0 deliverables, ensuring they meet the specific needs of different work environments.

Furthermore, the consortium devised a comprehensive plan and strategy for SWING 2.0 dissemination events in each partner country. These events will serve as platforms to raise awareness and promote the adoption of SWING 2.0 learning and training tools. By engaging employers, policymakers, and advocates of inclusivity, the consortium aims to drive lasting change and create more inclusive work environments.

As part of their commitment to promoting integration, the consortium visited the Palermo section of the Italian National Association for the Deaf (ENS). They met with advisors, toured ENS facilities, and engaged in discussions with ENS members to exchange best practices for fostering the integration of the deaf community. This visit further solidified the consortium’s dedication to creating an inclusive society and leveraging partnerships with organizations working towards similar goals.

For more information about SWING 2.0 project, please visit the official social media page on Facebook, Twitter  and  LinkedIn!

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