On May 9, 2023, CEIPES successfully conducted the pilot phase of the groundbreaking project SWING 2.0 at the National Deaf Association headquarters in Palermo. This milestone event brought together professionals from five different work sectors, including tour guides, waiters, salespersons, public officials, and healthcare personnel. Also in attendance were individuals with hearing impairments and Italian sign language interpreters.

SWING 2.0 aims to simplify the learning and usage of basic sign language in diverse workplace settings. By leveraging innovative tools, the project seeks to promote the integration of the deaf community at multiple levels. During the pilot phase, participants had the opportunity to evaluate and test various educational materials and products created throughout the project’s lifecycle.

One of the highlights of SWING 2.0 is a comprehensive video dictionary featuring 5,000 videos in five sign languages and four spoken languages. This extensive resource provides a valuable bridge between the deaf and hearing communities, fostering effective communication and understanding. Accessible here.

In addition to the video dictionary, SWING 2.0 project introduced an innovative training course that offers practical activities to learn five sign languages. Designed for specific work environments, the course empowers individuals to acquire sign language skills effectively.

To access this groundbreaking program, please visit:

Complementing the course and video dictionary are two SWING 2.0 mobile applications. These user-friendly apps provide on-the-go access to essential sign language resources, enabling professionals to communicate effortlessly with deaf individuals in their respective fields. The applications promise to be a game-changer for inclusivity in workplaces, facilitating greater interaction and collaboration.

The response from participants during the pilot phase was overwhelmingly positive, with enthusiasm and appreciation for the SWING 2.0 project and its educational products. Professionals from various sectors expressed their belief in the potential of this initiative to break down communication barriers and create a more inclusive and accessible work environment.

SWING 2.0 consortium is committed to further developing and refining SWING 2.0 based on the valuable feedback received during the pilot phase. With the successful completion of this stage, project partners are optimistic about the long-term impact SWING 2.0 will have on empowering the deaf community and fostering a more inclusive society.

For more information about SWING 2.0 project, please visit the social media page on FacebookTwitter and LinkedIn!

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