On 3th and 4th of December 2020 thanks to an online conference due to COVID-19, took place kick off meeting of our brand new KA2 project SWING 2.0.

One of the major barriers for Deaf people or with hearing loss is the lack of recognition, acceptance and use of sign language in all areas of life as well as lack of respect for Deaf People’s cultural and linguistical identity.

This leads to marginalization of them in different aspects of life. In fact, there are a wide range of professionals who are interacting directly with deaf people, such as health workers, civil servants or other like salesman, waiters, or tour guides which could need a specific training in basic sign language tailored to their necessities to facilitate some services and full integration of deaf collective, even as workmates, increasing their job opportunities.

The intention of SWING 2.0 is following the steps of the successful SWING project and facilitate, with innovative and free own developed tools, the acquisition and use of basic sign language in different work environments where its use could enhance the integration of deaf community at different levels.

Specifically, the expected results of the project are:

Final reports with most useful words to facilitate the communication with people with hearing problems in different important situations/job positions

Video-dictionaries and other features of selected words in 5 sign languages and 4 spoken languages

Innovative training course with practical activities to learn 5 sign languages (IS, LIS, LSE, DGS and ÖGS) in 5 work environments

The kick-off meeting was a great occasion to present the partners of the consortium and also to talk about the first steps of the project. The consortium is also working on the visual identity of the project and on the creation of the social media channels.

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