SWING 2.0 is the direct follow-up to its successful predecessor project SWING. With the help of innovative, self-developed and free digital tools, SWING 2.0 aims to facilitate the acquisition and use of sign language in various service sectors.

A core element of SWING 2.0 is the research in 5 different service sectors – Tour GuidesHealth StaffCivil ServantWaiters and Sales People – and the investigation of the usual communication situations and communication contents involved.

The Swing 2.0 project consortium is pleased to announce the completion of IO1 “Final reports with most useful words to facilitate the communication with people with hearing problems in different important situations / job positions”. Specifically, the partners of Swing 2.0 have developed 5 different research reports, which summaries the field research cycle carried out and a final document with the 100 selected words in each work sector. The individual research steps – observations in real environment, simulation, interviews, and round table – their results and the conclusions drawn from them are the contents of these five reports.

Please click here to download the five reports.

The aim of the research study is to identify a relevant word list for five different work sectors. This project has resources for the implementation of the most important 100 words for sector and their meanings in multi-lingual sign language videos.

The following took part in the research cycle in the various partner countries: professionals, sign language translators and deaf persons, for whom the development of sign language dictionaries is specifically beneficial.

Above all, the sign language learning materials to be developed in SWING 2.0 are intended to raise awareness for deaf people and their languages, to introduce the sign language vocabulary in different work sectors and, and to stimulate curiosity for a more in-depth engagement with sign language in the context of sign language courses.

In addition to these advantages at the level of the learners, all results and strategies can be picked up, used and shared free of charge by all interested groups of people and organisations.

With this in mind, we are pleased to provide you with these five-report information about our first research steps in the SWING 2.0 project.

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